Site of Installation:
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Site readiness is an essential part of installation. Per company policy, we require that the site of installation for any carport or metal building be completely level or have a slope of no greater that 3”. Our group of installers can refuse to install on unlevel ground if an issue arises.



Utility/Power Lines:


American Steel Carports also recommends that utility lines be marked to ensure that we do not damage your property. We are not liable for damage on unmarked utility lines. Also, to ensure the safety of our installers, we do not install buildings within 10’ of active power lines.


Utility gas line flag


Concrete Slab:


Concrete is a customer’s responsibility and must be level and a minimum of 4” thick, with a 12” x 12” footer and a minimum of 3” or more all the way around so that we can avoid chipping the edge of the slab. (Specs could change based on building size and local codes.) Please contact us if you choose to go with a flush slab. Concrete must cure for a minimum of 2 weeks prior to installation. You can purchase plans for concrete after the order is placed. A full concrete slab is not necessary for all buildings. Please contact us for more options.





When pouring gravel, make sure it is level and compact, and don’t forget to add an extra amount of gravel around the perimeter of the unit to avoid erosion.


Worker leveling a metal screed board to gravel surface


Space for Installation:


We also require a minimum of 2’ of room around the area of installation. If you feel that a fence, tree, home, bush, etc. could interfere with the installation, we recommend letting your sales person know before placing the order so that the order isn’t rejected later in the scheduling process or on the day of installation.



Installing Over Objects:


            If you need our crews to install over any object, we MUST have a picture on file with the dimensions. Some objects may require an extra labor fee. Please let your sales person know when placing your order or make sure to let your secretary know so that she can verify if a labor fee will be needed.



Site Modifications:


If you need to make site modifications, make sure you call 811 before you dig or visit for information on your power/utility lines. Contacting 811 can help you avoid injury and the added expense of something going wrong.




The following links explain how to check for a level site & slope difference: