A Small Metal Unit for You
Posted: June 20, 2018 by: Admin
photo by: Admin

When it comes to big metal buildings, American Steel Carports leads the way by going as wide as 80’! Not to mention that we don’t have any limits if we’re talking about a building’s length.


But what about small buildings? Mini-storages? Small carports? The answer is that American Steel Carports is also here to save the day!


Our small metal units are built to last—and, most importantly, they’re engineer-certified! Whether you’re looking for a simple storage unit for your belongings or a standard carport for your vehicle, we will be there to ensure your building’s successful installation. Take this 18’W x 21’L x 8’H metal building as an example:



This metal building has a vertical roof, an 8’x7′ roll-up door, 36×80 walk-in door, and a small opening for the little vent. This building could be used as a garage for a city vehicle or as your personal storage. Your toys deserve some protection too, right?


Give us now and let one of our experts help you place your order today! Remember that we can always adjust the size, width, and height of the building according to your needs and specifications. The metal building you’ve been waiting for is just one call away!