Labor & Equipment Fees:
Posted: July 10, 2018 by: Admin
photo by: Admin

No one likes additional charges after a purchase is made. So American Steel Carports wants to make sure all concerns are made aware before the day of installation. There are many different reasons why there could be an added labor or equipment fee when installing your carport or metal building and, in some cases, both. The following is a list of a few reasons why there could be added fees:


Installing on unlevel sites & if installer agrees to take the job (labor fee)

Installing over objects like RV’s, Mobile Homes, Boats, Tanks, etc. (labor fee)

Having to adjust leg height on site per customer error (labor fee)

Any onsite modifications or ground work not listed prior to installation (labor or equipment fee)

Installing buildings over 30’ wide (equipment fee)

Leg heights over 12’ (labor or equipment fee)

Hexagon buildings of various widths and heights (labor or equipment fee)

Installers needing to carry material more than 50’ for installation (labor fee)

Installing on a deck (after approval) (labor fee)


To assure the correct fees are applied to your order, contact your local dealer or contact us at 866-730-9865 (877-550-1250)