Leg Heights
Posted: August 2, 2018 by: Admin
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Determining a height:


It’s not always easy to determine the leg height needed for your metal building. The following information will help you decide the best size for your needs.


When determining a height, we highly suggest that you measure the size of the vehicles or machinery that you plan to store in your unit. The measurements of all American Steel Carports metal buildings are based on the side leg height of a unit, which in turn makes the center peak higher at a standard 3/12 pitch. Center peak heights will vary based on the roof style, width, and leg height of a unit. We could suggest a leg height for you, but that does not make us liable if your vehicles or belongings do not fit. Keep in mind that we offer leg heights of up to 20’ high. Never hesitate to contact us or a local dealer to get more in-depth information regarding the heights of our units.


The following diagrams will depict examples of standard “side” leg heights for standard-sized vehicles:



1-Car/Truck Carport with Standard Roof

12’ Wide x 21’ Long x 7’ High (Center Peak: 8’ 9”)




2-Car/Truck Carport with A-Frame Roof

20’ Wide x 21’ Long x 8’ High (Center Peak: 10’ 9”)



3-Car/Truck Carport with A-Frame Roof

30’ Wide x 21’ Long x 9’ High (Center Peak: 13’)