Boat Dock Carport Installation
Posted: December 18, 2015 by: asiadmin
photo by: asiadmin


Owning a boat is a major investment. They are also your best friend in the water. As with all cherished items, you should protect it. Every day most boats endure a cycle of temperature and humidity changes; from a dry bright sunny day to a hot damp night which can take a toll on your beloved possession. For these reasons and more, good boat protection is important.


Most boat owners own a fabric boat cover. Consider a higher initial investment of a steel boat shelter that will be more economical in the long run. Our metal carports come in variety of styles and sizes for all types of boats with various features. We can also configure them with entries on the end or sides, utility storage section wherever you imagine, or simply a fully enclosed building. Our metal structures can be installed on land, concrete, or even a dock. However, we will clarify the dock installation process.


American Steel Carports installs on stationary boat docks and some floating boat docks. Floating boat docks present a major risk for our installation crew and the stability of the metal carport. If the carport will be installed on a dock, please contact American Steel Carports directly at 866-730-9865. We will need the following additional information:


  • Is the boat dock a floating dock? or a dock that is connected to the lake bed? or the lake side?
  • We will need pictures of the boat dock and surrounding area.
  • We will need pictures of the pathway to the boat dock our installers will need to take for the installation.
  • We will need to know the estimated distance from where our installation team will be able to park to your dock
  • What is the boat dock made of; wood, steel, plastic etc.


Once we have this information we can check to see if we can approve the installation request. Please note: There WILL be an additional labor fees due to liability issues and the installers safety.


Once we have approved your request and scheduled, expect that the installation of your carport on a dock will take approximately 3x more than a regular ground installation.


Hopefully this has helped you understand the process of getting your boat dock metal cover. A well informed customer is key to maintaining a healthy relationship!


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