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Posted: January 9, 2017 by: asiadmin
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Interested in a garage for your vehicle(s)? Are finances an issue?


Many of our customers opt to pay for their building in a single transaction. However, not all of us can do the same, especially when it comes to a big investment like our metal buildings. American Steel Carports is now offering various financing options. Upon approval based on the requirements listed below you will be able to purchase the perfect protection for your belongings at the rate that best suits you. And as we all know, financing is a great way to build up that credit!




Financing Requirements:


1. Person applying for financing MUST be a homeowner, paying a mortgage, or own property.


2. Name on Purchase Order should match name on DL and Financing Application.


3. We need at least two years’ worth of residence history and employment. (If you haven’t lived at your current residence for at least two years, make sure you list your previous residence. This applies to employment as well.)


4. Above information also applies for a co-buyer or co-borrower.



We have two companies where you can choose for financing:






• CSB chooses terms


• Ranges 9.95% to 17.95% depends on credit application


•Must own property where carport will be installed


• $1,000 – $25,000 amount for finance (before tax)


• 3-48 hrs. Approval or denial


With this option you’ll need to fill out our financing application.


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RTO National



• Offers options of 12,24,36,48 months


• No Specific %. Based on credit


• Must own property where carport will be installed


• $750 – $8,000 maximum for financing (after taxes)


• Instant approval or denial


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Once the contract is submitted, no revisions can be made. If revisions must be made, customer must submit another application and return credit or pay the difference upfront.


If a customer wants to make modifications and the order is already with the scheduling department. Then the difference that the customer is adding to the balance due would have to be on a SEPARATE SALES ORDER & CONTRACT. (This is so that the customer does not have to go through the finance procedure once again.


If the customer does choose to finance a different amount than the previously approved. The customer is to understand that the order will be pulled from scheduling and put on hold until a full decision is made on the new financed amount.


We hope this information can be useful for your future purchase. If you have more questions about financing please give us a call, one of representatives will be happy to help you with all your doubts.