Getting Ready for Spring Installations
Posted: January 28, 2016 by: asiadmin
photo by: asiadmin


During the beginning stages of springtime, American Steel Carports starts to schedule its winter orders. This scheduling process generally takes place within 2-4 weeks. It is important for our customers to be ready for their metal units to be installed. Here are a few tips to ensure that your site will be ready for its scheduled installation time:


  • –  Be sure to have your permits in order, if needed. It is always best for our customers to check with their local code enforcement prior to scheduling.
  • –  Make sure that you have the proper measurements. We recommend that you take measurements several times before placing your order. Customers who are seeking professional recommendations for the size and placement of their units can hire American Steel to do an onsite evaluation.
  • –  Make sure that your area is level. Whether you decide to level it off with dirt, gravel, cement, or wood, American Steel Carports has an anchor to keep you in place.
  • –  Most importantly, you should have your area professionally marked for gas and power lines to ensure the safety of our crew.


Spring is such an exciting time of year, and preparing your site for your order should not be a difficult task. American Steel will help you with all of your pre-delivery questions so that you can be prepared for scheduling and get a head start on your springtime.


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