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A-Frame Horizontal Metal Garage
A-Frame Vertical Steel Garage
A-Frame Roof Options

We also offer A-Frame residential style buildings. With the A-Frame option, you can choose to have your panels run horizontal or vertical. Read below to see the differences between the two roof options.


A-Frame Horizontal Style Garages

A-Frame Horizontal Steel Carport


Our A-Frame Horizontal Style has a crisp clean look. This style is good for matching with other structures you already have on your property and will blend very well with the roof style of most homes.  The sheet metal runs horizontally on your roof. The boxed eave trim gives it a finished residential appearance and 6” overhang all around the roof of the unit. This is an affordable option to get the A-Frame look without having to pay the Vertical charge. For any metal garage, you can add roll up doors, overhead doors, walk-in doors, and windows to your unit.


A-Frame Vertical Style Garages


A-Frame Vertical Metal Garages


Our A-Frame Vertical Style is the traditional style. While all of our steel buildings are capable of withstanding substantial snow loads, the vertical roof is reinforced with hat channels and engineered for snow or rain to slide off the roof with ease. We highly recommend if you live in an area where snow is a concern to go with the vertical roof. Vertical roof option is also the strongest style of the three main available roof styles. You can add vertical walls to reinforce your structure or horizontal siding for a more cost effective option. Both options will provide you with a 6” overhang all around the roof, which helps protect your entrances from the outside weather.


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