Roof Length and Frame Length Explained:
Posted: May 29, 2018 by: Admin
photo by: Admin

Understanding the difference in the roof and frame length is crucial when purchasing a metal building or carport. American Steel Carports Inc. installs ALL units with a frame length that is one foot shorter than the roof length. All of our units come with a 6” overhang on the roof. It is important that you understand this, especially if you plan to pour a concrete slab. Keep in mind that we offer plans for concrete at an additional cost if needed. Make sure that you specify what frame and roof length you want when speaking to a sales representative or dealer.



Our brochures offer standard sizes, but we can customize the buildings to meet your specific needs. For example, a 30’ wide x 35’ long carport will come with a 30’ width, a 35’ frame length, and a 36’ roof length unless you specify otherwise.


The pictures below will demonstrate the difference in roof and frame length:




Another important factor to consider is that, when you ask for a certain size not specified on our flyers (e.g., 30’ wide x 33’ long), we want to understand if you want the roof length to be 33’, which will make the frame 32’, or if you want the frame to be 33’, making the roof length 34’.

Remember that we’re here to meet your needs and requirements. If you have any additional questions regarding the size of your building or want to speak with one of our sales representatives, give us a call! Your metal building/carport could be just one call away.