The Four Types of Doors We Offer
Posted: June 14, 2018 by: Admin
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American Steel Carports, Inc. has come a long way since the beginning; we now know that details are very important. From color options to reinforcement and illumination features, we strive to always satisfy your needs. Thanks to this, you now have the opportunity to decide what kind of door you want. Not only does this give your unit more flexibility, it will enhance the overall look of your carport.


Since our customers have a multitude of door options to choose from, you will need to give us more information, from the color to the type and size. If you find yourself with a handful of questions, continue reading ‒ and remember that we’re here to help.


The four types of doors we offer are:


• Walk-In

• Heavy Duty Walk-In

• Overhead

• Roll-Up


Standard Walk-In & Heavy-Duty Walk-In


Convenient and lightweight, these economical 20-gauge doors are essential for those who are looking for an “easy come, easy go” option. Choose from a 36” x 72”, 36” x 80”, or double 72” x 72” door. Though these doors are basic, they deliver more than you bargained for, especially if you upgrade to our heavy duty walk-in. There is no threshold located at the bottom of these doors, making it easy for those who use wheelchairs to enter and exit the building. We offer two sizes: 36” wide by 84” tall and 48” wide by 84” tall. Apart from the different frames, they are reversible and insulated. If extra security and additional strength are what you’re looking for, consider investing in our Heavy Duty Walk-In door.




There is a $75 fee for installing doors on vertical sides.

There is no extra cost for doors installed on horizontal sides.

Heavy Duty Walk-In doors must be installed on concrete foundations.




Our Overhead doors, also known as Sectional doors, are ideal for those who want to add a residential look to their building. Choose from our standard option, which doesn’t come insulated or with windows, or upgrade to glass windows and insulation. We also offer embossed panel designs: colonial and ranch. Select from white, almond, taupe, and brown color options. Our Overhead doors are larger than our mobile doors, but are easy to open. What makes them different from a Roll-Up door? A Roll-Up door uses a chain to roll up, whereas an Overhead wraps up in sections, like a garage door.




Not looking to spend much on a large door? Although they serve the same purpose as Overhead doors, these are great for those who want something economical and simple.


We offer 3 types of Roll-Ups:

Model 650 Mini

Model 2000 Commercial

Model 2500 Commercial


Keep in mind that our 6’ x 7’ to 10’ x 10’ sizes are considered mini. Anything above 10’ x 10’ comes with a chain hoist. There is also no outside latch on Roll-Up doors, meaning a Walk-In door is required to open the Roll-Up from the inside.


On top of this information, do you know that you can change the color of your roll-up doors for an additional price? Click here to look at all of the colors we have available to give your building that special touch.


Now that you know about the four different types of doors we offer, you can see that there are many different ways for you to customize your metal building. Remember, we’re here to meet your needs and specifications. Give us a call now for a quick quote and let one of our experts help you build that metal building of your dreams!