What Are My Steel Roof Options?
Posted: August 26, 2016 by: asiadmin
photo by: asiadmin

Are you considering a steel garage or steel carport? If so, the first thing you will need to think about is how you will be using your unit. The next step, figure out what roof option you need.


The roof of your steel unit is very important as it will be what protects your belongings. Your steel roof choice can also depict the look of your steel unit, too.


At American Steel, we have two roofing options available to choose from.  


A-Frame Vertical Steel Roof

The A-frame vertical roof design is quite popular amongst customers because it is not only sturdy but also cost effective. With this type of roof, the roof sheeting runs vertically in length helping snow and other elements slide off easily.


A-Frame Horizontal Steel Roof

Although the A-Frame horizontal roof design looks very similar to the vertical design, the sheets are instead placed horizontally. The A-frame shape still helps the horizontal roof disperse snow fairly well. However, A-frame horizontal roofs are more commonly seen in places that don’t get very much snow.


Other Additional Steel Carport Features Available

Along with your roof style, you have other features that will help make your steel unit truly yours.


Extra Trusses

If you are someone that lives in a place that sees heavy snowfall, it is wise to think about adding extra trusses. The trusses help create an even sturdier support for your metal roof.


Larger Braces

Just as trusses help make your roof stronger, larger braces help increase the strength of the actual steel structure.


45 degree Angles

To give your steel unit a unique look, 45-degree angles sheeting can be installed on the front corners of any A-frame unit design.


Solar Vents

If you plan on using your unit as a workplace, you may choose to have solar air vents installed. Made with high-quality roofing material, the solar vents will allow air to flow inside of your steel unit making it a great place to work. It is important to know that these 5-watt high-efficiency panels can only be installed on A-frame vertical design.



Skylights look amazing when added to a steel unit. They are available in different sizes and colors but are also only installed on vertical roofs.


Steel Carport or Unit from American Steel Inc.

Do you have a design for a steel unit in mind? American Steel is here to make your design come to life!


Our professional engineers are here to create the custom steel carport or building that is perfect for you and your needs. And, as an added bonus… delivery and installation are free!


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