What Happens When You Install a Building on an Unleveled Site?
Posted: September 2, 2016 by: asiadmin
photo by: asiadmin

American Steel Carports offers a variety of options for carport installation. We offer three different types of anchors to keep our customers’ structures safe and steady when it comes to strong winds. However, our customers must keep in mind that their sites need to be level. We can install our metal units anywhere that they want and facing whichever direction they choose, as long as their sites are completely level.



Please confirm that your building will be placed on a level site. If your site is not level, your building may appear uneven, and your doors may not function properly. These issues are not covered by any warranty. In the event that the site is not level and we have to take the unit back, a re-stocking fee is going to be charged for the inconvenience/trip, and the delivery of the unit is going to be rescheduled. If the unit is installed on unleveled ground (As Is), all warranties will be voided, and the customer will take full responsibility.



Below, you will see pictures of a building that was installed on unleveled ground per the customer’s request.
















Horrible, isn’t it? The structure looks extremely vulnerable and weak. Our buildings are strong, versatile, and built to last, but, with unleveled ground, they will always look unprotected.



The installation of a building in these circumstances voids ALL warranties. Keep in mind that we also reserve the right to decline installation in the event that a site isn’t usable. When we’re forced to decline an installation, our customers get frustrated because of the delay that this causes in their plans. We have to reschedule, and the unit might take a long time to be installed. However, the reason for this policy is that we want give you a long-lasting building that you can trust instead of a weak building that will not last.



Before taking the big step of scheduling a unit’s installation, please make sure that your site’s ground is leveled. We want to give you the most pleasant experience possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call. Do you need a site evaluation? No worries—just give us a call, and we’ll help you with that.



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