What to Give a Car Lover for Valentine’s Day or Birthday
Posted: February 10, 2017 by: asiadmin
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Americans love their automobiles, and there are millions of car enthusiasts around the country who adore putting time into their classic cars, sports cars, and even the family sedan. What’s one of the best gifts you can give for Valentine’s Day or a birthday to someone who loves cars? A metal car garage is the perfect way to ensure your loved one has a place to store his or her car, even if you’ve already got a few family cars in your two-car garage at your house.


House a Car In a Steel Structure

You have several options for gifting a metal building to your significant other for a vehicle. Not only can you consider metal garages for a replacement for your current vehicle storage, but you can also add to your current vehicle storage options with an extra metal building on your property. Additionally, you can choose from several available steel carports that can help protect a vehicle without the need for much space – a steel carport can easily sit in a driveway.

Here are some steel buildings you can consider and the circumstances where those buildings might come in useful.

Steel Carport If you’re limited on room, but you want extra space to house a vehicle, a metal carport is the ideal solution. You can keep a vehicle protected from the harsh rays of the sun during the summer without having to build an entirely new garage. Carports are not only convenient in circumstances with limited room, but they’re also affordable.

Metal Garage – If you have room on your property for an extra garage, and you’d like something a little more protective than a traditional steel carport, you might move up to one of several available metal garages. These structures will protect vehicles during bad weather, and they’re also useful for storing classic vehicles during the winter when it’s not convenient to drive.

Multicar Metal Car Garage – If you don’t have a garage on your property and you wish to protect your vehicle – or gift a garage to a loved one to protect his or her vehicles – a multicar metal car garage is an excellent option. Not only are metal garages an affordable option for housing vehicles, but they’re also easy to maintain and long-lasting.


Comparing Vehicle Self-Storage to Your Own Metal Garage

Keeping a classic car or a sports car may mean finding extra storage space for it in the winter months when driving around in a 50-year-old convertible isn’t really that comfortable with freezing temperatures or heavy rains.

Some vehicle owners decide to store their cars in self-storage units designed specifically for vehicles. These storage spaces may be climate controlled, or they might simply provide a cover over the car for inclement weather.

A steel carport or metal garage on your property might end up being the more appealing choice when you consider the convenience and overall cost. A steel carport requires just a single investment, and you never have to pay another dime outside of minimal maintenance and upkeep. On the other hand, a self-storage unit requires monthly payments, and you never really own the space.


Give the Gift of a Steel Garage to an Automobile Lover in Your Life

If you want to give a memorable gift to your loved one who owns a special vehicle, a classic car, or a few extra vehicles, a steel carport or garage is a gift to consider. Contact American Steel Carports Inc. for more information on the different vehicle storage buildings we can construct for you on your property.