Why Replacing a Traditional Barn With a Steel Barn is a Good Investment
Posted: October 24, 2016 by: asiadmin
photo by: asiadmin

Across the United States, picturesque farms have been part of our national identity for generations. It’s what inspired the “amber waves of grain” lyrics in the classic song “America the Beautiful”. Pastures for grazing, tractors for harvesting, old farmhouses, clothes being hung on the line, and big red barns are part of those picturesque scenes around America. Perhaps one of the most iconic images of the American farm are the old red wooden barns that landmark each farm. The unfortunate thing is that these old barns are falling apart and need to be replaced. That’s where American Steel comes in. Here are a few reasons why replacing a traditional barn with a steel barn is a great investment.

Steel Barns are Better for Safetyred Metal Barn with lean too

The traditional wooden barns we love so much are easily damaged and worn out over time. The risk of them collapsing increases every time the wind blows. People don’t replace them because they have such significance to the identity of the farm. However, the risk of a roof collapsing far outweighs the charm an old barn has. Consider investing in a steel barn to replace your old one. Not only will it keep your farm equipment safe and secure it also reduces your anxiety that someone could be hurt if the barn ever collapsed.

Steel Barns are Durable

Unlike wood, steel doesn’t rot or get infested by termites. It stands strong for years, just like our product guarantee. Our steel structures are wind proof up to 90 mph and built to withstand heavy snow fall. The outdoor elements are no match for our engineer certified steel barns. You’ll be able to enjoy your barn without having to do all of the maintenance a traditional barn requires.

Keep the Imagery

Since old wooden barns painted bright red are so iconic to farms across America, we made sure to include steel siding in a variety of colors including “barn red”. You shouldn’t have to give up something so important to your farm for the sake of safety and durability, which is why we created our steel barns and sheds in traditional colors and shapes.

Let American Steel Build Your Barn

Our experts at American Steel can help you choose the perfect structure for your needs. Whether you need a simple carport to keep your vehicles safe from the elements or you need a steel barn to store your farm machinery in, we can help. Get in touch with us today for more information!